Is a Baby Shower Held Before or After The Baby Is Born?

If you are asking “Is a baby shower held before or after the baby is born?” then this post should help. My answer to that is you should have the baby shower before the baby is born especially if this is your first baby.

You will definitely need a lot of baby things and baby things can become very expensive. Having a baby shower will give your family and friends a chance to give you love and help you out with what you need for the coming baby.

You should have everything that is needed and ready before the baby is born, like furniture, car seat and other baby stuff. You might want to read what should you ask for at a baby shower if you are planning to have a baby shower party.

If you don’t have the needed items after the baby is born then it will cause you to have a lot of headaches and frustration. By that time, you won’t even have the time to choose the best one that you want to buy.

You will most likely pick whatever is available to you and disregard the brands, models and price and that is because you really need those items to be used for your new born baby. Oh yeah, it is required by law that you must have an infant car seat ready to be released from the hospital.

Baby Shower After The baby Is Born

Baby Shower After Baby Is Born
Baby Shower After Baby Is Born

If this is your second baby then you can think of having a baby shower after your baby is born. You will most likely have the required items for your second baby.

Having a baby shower after your baby is born has a good side. You can have your baby meet everyone and I am pretty sure your family and friends would also like to see your new born baby as well.

Here is a down side to having a baby shower after your baby is born. At that time you might be too tired and have no energy to even attend a baby shower and have guests, not to mention you have to organize the party.

For example, you will be very busy taking care of your baby most of the time and you won’t even have enough time to sleep. Some babies like to sleep at day time and are awake at night time.

Some babies spit up a lot after feeding and they also cry a lot for the first three months. My mom told me my brother cried a lot for the first three months. This will definitely drive you nuts.

So that’s why I would recommend having a baby shower before the baby is born.

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