How to Do a Gender Reveal Baby Shower With Stork Party Favors

This article will be showing you how to do a gender reveal baby shower with stork party favors. It does require you to make this favor yourself and that is the fun part of it.


Here is how to do this stork delivery design for your baby shower party. This is assuming you already know what baby gender you will be having.

I think it is best to do the baby gender revealing game at the end of your baby shower party, because this is a party favor. It is designed for them to take one of these stork favors home to show your appreciation for showing up to your party.

1. When you are doing the step where you put the candies in the clear plastic box, be sure to write down your baby’s gender on a small piece of paper that can fit in a box of 1.5″ x 1.5″ x1.5″ and fold it and then put in the plastic box with the rest of your candies.

Then finish the rest of the steps to make this stork party favor. Click here to learn how to make this stork party favor. This is Step 5 from the tutorial of learning how to make this stork favor.

Or you can just go ahead by using only one color of the mint to put in for both boys and girls for this stork favor, if you don’t mind both the left and right side revealing the color of the candies since the box is transparent.

For example, if you are having a baby girl then you would put pink mints in all of the stork favors that you have made and blue for having a baby boy.

To solve the transparent problem then you can get a brown or white solid paper box in the size of 1.5″ x 1.5″ x 1.5″ for the small favor and 2″ x 2″ x 2″ for the bigger favor instead of the clear plastic box. You can click here for a 1.5 inch box and here for the 2 inch box. Both boxes can be bought from amazon.

2. Make the same number of guests you will be having in your party for this favor.

3. Tell your guests to write their name and the baby’s gender on a piece of paper. A voting card should come with the gender reveal for both boys and girls design. Click here to see what it looks like if you haven’t already.

4. Tell your guests each to get one of the stork party favors you have made and they will find out the baby’s gender by opening the piece of paper in the box or the color of the candies you have put in the box.

Have  a lot of fun in your baby shower party!

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