What is a Diaper Raffle For a Baby Shower?

You might be asking what is a diaper raffle for a baby shower? The answer to that is super simple. It is something related to diapers duh…. 😂 I am just kidding.

A diaper raffle in a baby shower is simply a kind of fun game for the hostess to interact with the guests and at the same time collect more diapers for the mommy.

This will lessen the burden on mommy’s finances. We all know how expensive diapers are and we need to use a lot of them during infant to toddler time.

Well, there is another option: you can use cloth baby diapers instead of disposable ones. I remember my mom used that on me and my siblings. That’s because we were on a very tight budget and I have quite a few siblings.

If you are interested in using cloth baby diapers, then click here to take a look. Both cloth and disposable diapers have pros and cons, so it is up to you to make that decision.

All I know is hubby hates changing our babies’ diapers, so I don’t even think about him washing the cloth diapers for me. If he does, the sun will probably rise from the west. 😂

How Does A Diaper Raffle Work?

Here’s how a diaper raffle works. You will need to ask your guests to bring a pack of diapers for anyone who wishes to enter the diaper raffle drawing for a chance to win a prize.

If you want, you can also ask for baby wipes. This can minimize the chance of getting too many packs of diapers and you should ask for any kind of size.

If it were me, I would ask for bigger diaper sizes. That way it will leave room for the baby to grow.

Even if you potty train your baby, your baby might still need to wear a diaper to sleep or else he or she might pee on the bed. I suggest asking for diaper sizes from infant to size 5.

Next, you will put all the raffle voting cards or tickets into a container after you have collected all the diapers and baby wipes.

Then you will randomly pick a winner from the container. To be fair, I suggest you shake the container a few times to pick a random winner.

Once you have a winner, then, of course, you hand out the prize that you have prepared for this event.

Letting Your Guests Know Of The Diaper Raffle Event

Diaper Raffle Sign and Tickets
Diaper Raffle Sign and Tickets

Oh right, before all of this, you need to let your guests know that you are having a diaper raffle event.

To do that, all you have to do is include a diaper raffle ticket along with your invitation card when you are sending them out.

They will definitely know with the included raffle ticket. If they want to enter the event, they will bring a pack of either diapers or baby wipes.

If you don’t have any ideas then click here to see some diaper raffle sign and ticket designs.

You shouldn’t state too many requirements for them to join, like the number of diapers in a package or a specific brand of diapers. Stating too much, they might not even enter at all.

People don’t like too much hassle. They will most likely get a pack of diaper convenient and available to them. I think just stating to bring a pack of diapers or baby wipes is good enough.

You have to remember your guests are doing this out of their kindness and we shouldn’t take advantage, right?

One more thing I would like to mention is you should have extra tickets for your guests during the day of the event.

Some of your guests might have brought a pack of diapers but forgot to bring or lost their tickets. So that’s why you should have additional ones.

Besides, you can also offer for them to buy the tickets to enter the raffle drawing instead of having a pack of diapers or baby wipes.

In terms of price for the tickets, you will have to decide on that. You should ask for a fair amount instead of over pricing it.

Is a Diaper Raffle a Good Idea?

I think that is a very good idea. I wish I had included that game in my baby shower.

Diapers can be very expensive and the baby has to use them for a long time unless the baby has been potty trained. My two boys had to use it until they were 2 years old.

You can save even more money if you start potty training your baby after he or she turns one year old.

If you do potty train your baby early, then you should be very patient and also be prepared that your child will make a lot of messes.

Bottom line, if it is possible for you, you should add this game to the baby shower party. It is a great way to obtain more diapers and have fun with your guests at the same time.

How Much to Spend on Diaper Raffle Prize?

Now we have come to the next question of how much to spend on a diaper raffle prize? I think you should offer a decent and attractive prize for your guests to enter.

You don’t want to spend too little on the prize, making them feel like they got ripped off. You want them to feel like the prize is worth more than what they have spent on the diapers and baby wipes. You should pick a prize that everybody wants.

Just think about how much it would cost for a pack of diapers. It is something around $10.00 to $50.00 depending on the size and the number of diapers in a package.

As for baby wipes, it is around $4.00 to $30.00. That also depends on the number of counts in a package.

If you are thinking the baby wipes are too low in price for a pack, then you may want to have two prizes for this event. One for the diaper raffle drawing and the other one for the baby wipes drawing.

So whoever brought in diapers and baby wipes just separate them into a different container with the raffle tickets. Then you can get a prize that is a little lower than the diaper prize for the baby wipes drawing.

As for me, I wouldn’t even bother. I would just have one prize and I would be a little generous to my guests. After all, they have taken the time to celebrate this special event with me and time is money too. I would probably get a prize that is at least $100.00.

I think you should at least get something that is over $50.00 for the prize for the diaper drawing and the baby wipes something around $40.00.

What Should You Raffle at a Baby Shower?

This is a pretty tough question to answer. You would need to get a prize that everyone wants. You would also need to look at both genders and the ages as well.

If you are out of ideas, you can always get an Amazon gift card at a certain price. Amazon carries a lot of retail items and has many categories that you can choose from. So almost everyone can find something on Amazon with a gift card.

You can also get Walmart, Bestbuy and Starbucks gift cards. Whenever we are out of ideas about what to get our family and friends on holidays, that’s what we usually get for them. lol……….. yeah, sometimes shopping for others is too stressful.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you can get a gift card that works like a credit card that they can use to get whatever they want. Almost everyone who is at least 18 years old can use it.

You can try getting a basket full of chocolate and candies. A beauty spa basket is not a bad idea for the ladies either. Ladies certainly love to have a relaxing moment. The ones who usually attend the baby shower are usually ladies. So you might want to give that a thought as well.

If you need baby shower games, then click here to have a look.


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