Printable Stork and Wrapper In Elephant Design For Boy


Are you having a baby boy baby shower party? Then you shouldn’t miss out having this stork delivery party favor.

It is super cute and fun to make. This party favor will spice up your baby shower party. It will also show your appreciation for your guests that show up to your party.

This design has a phrase saying ” Thanks For Coming!

This printable stork and wrapper is to be used for a baby boy baby shower party. It will match even more if you are having an elephant decoration theme.

You can choose to print this out on any of the card stock paper sizes of A4, US Letter and Legal. If you are using A4 and US Letter the result will be in the same size. If you are printing it out on US Legal paper, the favor will be bigger than the US Letter and A4.

It is always good to have options to choose from. It does require you to have a bigger box to hold the candies, but your guests will appreciate you more with more candies to enjoy.

You should pick the one that is easy for you to have access to the required supplies to make it. For example, you might be having a hard time buying the A4 card stock paper locally if you are living the US. You should be able to get it if you are buying it online and that is how I have obtained it.

If you need the baby girl elephant design then click here.

No matter which file size or paper format you have decided to go with, from each single page you can print out two storks each time. This is designed to save some printing paper, especially if you are planning to make quite a lot of them.

If you’d like you can click here to learn how to make this stork delivery baby shower party favor. I recommend you to watch the video tutorial too.

By the way, if you want to do a gender reveal for your baby shower party then you can get both baby boy and girl printable stork delivery by clicking here. Doing a gender reveal in your party is a pretty fun event.

Instructions to print this stork and wrapper:

1. Select paper size between US letter, US Legal and A4 card stock paper.

2. Open downloaded files.

3. Select File tab and choose Print.

4. Select the pages you want to print.

5. Choose scale and type 100% or select borderless option.

6. Click print.

Due to various printer and monitor settings, you may have different results than me. Each monitor and printer brands have their own respective settings. You will have better results if you understand how it works with your printer.


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