Pink Elephant Baby Shower Games

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10 of these pink elephant baby shower games for your guests to play at your baby shower party, if you want your guests to be entertained.

This design is with a mommy and baby elephants holding some pink balloons and facing each other for celebration.

If you like this design, please read below for full detail what’s included in the description section.

Elephant lovers, how about these pink elephant baby shower games for your baby girl shower? These games will definitely entertain your family and friends.

We made this design into three available paper size formats, such as A4, A5 and US letter for the USA. A4 size paper is usually used by foreign countries, so if you are living in those locations it will be handy.

You will also have an option of printing the games in a whole single page or printing two games in a single page. It is your choice to make. When printing one game in a whole page, it doesn’t require any cutting or trimming.

Printing two pages in a whole page will save paper and ink but the games will be in a smaller size. It will also require you to cut or trim it. After the games are cut the measurements will be about 5″W x 7″H for one game and they are only available in A4 and US Letter paper.

Here are the 10 games that are included (5 PDFs ):

  • Search Baby Words This game requires your guests to find all the related baby words. They are not hard words. Includes answer sheet
  • Deliver The Baby –  A maze game will be fun. This game will test your guests speed in finishing it. The winner will be the first one who finished the game. Includes answer sheet
  • Baby CrosswordsIncludes answer sheet
  • Find A Baby QuoteIn this game you will find a phrase instead of just words. Includes answer sheet.
  • Who Knows Mommy Best? – This is exactly as the title said. The game is to see which of your guests know the new mommy the most. There are a total of 10 questions.
  • Baby ScrambleYou will need to unscramble the baby related words. There are 16 unscramble words for this game. Of course it includes an answer sheet. A word scramble is a very fun game to play.
  • Baby Price Is Right
  • Who Is My Mama? Includes answer sheet
  • What Is In Your Purse?
  • Bingo Game We all like playing a bingo game. This game is pretty easy to play. Just ask your guests to fill in the boxes with the presents that they think the mommy will receive when she is opening the presents. Circle the ones that they get correct. When they have 5 in a row just say BABY ELEPHANT or Bingo.

We suggest you to use heavy card stock paper to print our printables. Using normal paper doesn’t have the best result, but of course you can still use it. We would consider that as the last resource. That is because you want the final outcome to look professional.

You should use minimum 110 weight and 92 brightness for heavy card stock paper. Make sure your printer is compatible with heavy stock paper. Some printer models might not compatible.

Let me remind you the measurement for the paper size for A5 is 5.83″ x 8.27″, US Letter is 8.5″ x 11″ and A4 is 8.27″ x 11.69″. Our printable games are designed with measurements for those paper sizes.

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