Baby Shower Party Favor Baby Faces

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These baby faces are designed to make baby shower party favors that look like a baby. They are designed to use with Hershey bars to make party favors.

These baby shower party favor baby faces come with two available paper sizes. They are in US letter and A4 paper. They are designed to print on either portrait or landscape modes.

There are 12 baby faces in a whole page. It’s required to cut them out. You will not only receive a baby boy face but also a baby girl face too. They are in PDF format. It requires an adobe acrobat reader to open the file.

Just be sure to select the correct paper size you have and gender to print it out. These are super cute baby faces.

It is also to give your guests something to bring back home to remember after they have attended your baby shower. You don’t want your guests to go home empty handed. After all they have given you very nice baby gifts.

If you want to know how to make these Hershey bar baby shower favors just click here to read the article and be sure to watch the video.

This is a digital download. There WON’T be any physical products shipping out.

Instructions to print these baby faces:

1. Select paper size between US letter and A4 papers.

2. Open downloaded files.

3. Select File tab and choose Print.

4. Select a girl or boy baby face page. This is where you enter the page number you want to print – 1 for boy, 2 for girl, or all for both.

5. Select scale and type 100% or select borderless option.

6. Click print.

You might have different results than mine since we might have different monitors or printers. As you know printers have their own manufacturer settings. You should have better results if you know how your printer works.



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