Owl Blossom Baby Shower

Owl Blossom Baby Shower
Owl Blossom Baby Shower

I believe this owl blossom baby shower looks the cutest when being compared to the other owl party supplies. It will look even better if you add some confetti and a centerpiece to the design. You never know, by just changing a little bit to the same design it would look so much different.

If you want to include some baby shower games for your guests to play at the party then you can try the following owl themed printable games. Click here to see what they look like. It includes 10 printable games.  

Having a baby shower is very exciting. I do remember having my first baby shower.  I have to be honest, I didn’t decorate the place. It was my mother in law who did it for me. Yeah, I know she is very nice and kind to me.

We received a lot of baby items and it was so much fun opening the presents with my husband. We were also very touched.

I think it is a great idea to have a baby shower for your baby, because your friends and relatives would like to celebrate the good news with you and would love to give you a helping hand if you need it. I certainly appreciated the help with my first child. Without their help our life might have been a little harder.

I mean, raising up a baby requires buying many baby products, especially diapers, formula, and baby clothes. These baby items are pretty expensive if you look at it in the long run. You have to continue to buy formula for one year. You have to buy diapers until your baby is potty trained and potty training can be very stressful and frustrating.

My sons didn’t get rid of diapers until they were four years old. My older sisters were pretty smart with their kids. Their kids knew how to potty when they were around one and a half years old. You can tell the difference on how much they can save on diapers.

As for baby clothes, it is a continual thing and you need plenty of them to change like when they spit and throw up milk.  Just be sure to buy a bigger size for your baby because it might help them last longer. Babies tend to outgrow them very fast and they might also shrink when you put them in the dryer.

Owl Blossom Baby Shower

The owl blossom baby shower party supplies can be gotten in a pack and also can be individually bought online. If you are buying them in a pack, you can select between the pack for 8 or 16 guests.

I think you will save more money and time by getting it in a pack but if you have less than 8 guests, it might be best to buy them separately. The below image with the check price button is for the 16 guests pack.

Owl Blossom Baby Shower
Owl Blossom Baby Shower

These are the following items included in the Blossom Baby Shower Standard Party pack for 16 guests.

  • Sixteen dinner plates, invitations, paper cups holds about 8 to 9 ounce of liquid, plastic spoons, thank you cards, knives, dessert plates, plastic forks
  • One foil balloon, and a plastic table cover
  • 32 lunch napkins. Two napkins per guest
  • 12 latex balloons
  • Two rolls of crepe paper
  • Two rolls of curling ribbon
  • 24 candles – You might not need the candle if you are having a baby shower party, but you can still use the candles for your baby’s first year  birthday party instead.

The only difference between the Blossom baby shower packs is to select either for 16 guests or 8 guests. The 8 guests pack has 8 dinner plates, invitations, cups, spoons, thank you cards, knives, dessert plates, forks, 1 crepe paper and 16 napkins.

The price is a little lower the last time I checked the price. The rest of the other items remain the same. If you need the 8 guests pack then click here to check it out.

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