Flamingo Baby Shower Games

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10 printable flamingo baby shower games for a baby girl shower party. The design is featuring two pink flamingos.

One of them is wearing a crown to show its royalty.

The background is with tropical leaves and beautiful flowers. It has an elegant looking design.

A flamingo is a pretty beautiful creature. I like their color in red or pink and especially the America flamingo kind. It is kind of cool that they are able to support their body with just one leg for a long time.

This style includes 10 printable title games. It is made available in A5, A4 and US letter paper size. There will be 1 zipped file. When you unzip the file, you will have three pdf files.

These three files will have 16 pages including answer sheets. Yes, there are a total of six answer sheets with the required answers. The other four games’ answers will need to be provided by the hostess or the new mommy to be.

  • Baby Crossword Puzzle –  This will include an answer sheet.
  • Deliver The Baby –  This one will include answer sheet.
  • Baby Bingo Game – To play this game is pretty simple. All you have to do is tell your guests to fill out the squares with gifts that they think the mommy to be will receive. Circle the ones that they have gotten correct. Whoever has five circles in a row first will win the game.
  • Baby Word Scramble –  Included Answer Sheet
  • Who Knows Mommy Best? – This game is to test how well the guests know the new mommy to be.
  • Price Is Right – This game is to see if your guests are excellent shoppers.
  • Search Baby Words – The game consists of 9 words, so to win this your guests will need to find nine words. It comes with answer sheet.
  • Find a Baby Quote –  it includes answer sheet.
  • Who Is My Mama? –  Included Answer Sheet.
  • What’s In Your Purse? – Let’s see what your guests brought in their purse to your baby shower party. Whoever gets the most points will win.


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